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Paraguayan Guarani

Anyway, hardly would be a Spanish teacher who teach this nonsense called Paraguayan Spanish. Instead, the Paraguayan Guarani if we could teach, total comes from Guarani nomas loo. Of the above detaches that always there was a tendency to distort and corrupt Guarani, in order to do so in the MEC presentable to social interests. In fact that does not exist so mentioned Paraguayan Guarani, as there is the Paraguayan Spanish. We mix the two languages (jehe bad call jopara), because we not learned them well (or better, because we were not taught well). Additional information at Jorge Perez supports this article.

In the case of the Guarani is pathetic, because he recently joined education in 1994. Moreover, we must emphasize that the Guarani is a perfect language; whole, in spite of the repressions suffered; with an extraordinary culture that manifests through him. Guarani is not that deformed, grotesque, perverse, tasteless and irregular thing today MEC tries to sell us. On the other hand, we must agree that the jehe Guarani and Spanish, are nothing other than the true demonstration of our intellectual laziness and our social conformism. And the MEC is the direct responsible of this phenomenon, because he did and does good things. In the background, the attempt – today – to accept the jehe in education is nothing more than the cheerful acceptance of our linguistic and intellectual mediocrity. The jehe to (bad call jopara) is the stupid pretext of our powerlessness and our uselessness. Basta!, please, blame the Guarani of all our failures; and above all, enough already! put as an excuse for the new proposal of the bilingual teaching to the vaunted pragmatics; instead of definitely encourage us to do good things in our country, much needed ideas and coherent actions, not that kind of Tome vyrorei baptized pompously as new proposal for bilingual education (2004) which is not another thing that over the same thing.