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Internet Broadcasting

– Buenos Aires – The FM, AM, the signal range, the accuracy of the content and union participation of workers in the war unarmed (International Warfare in content) and as a continent of the current information war. "The web is more than enough on the scale needed. Mr Donald Rumsfeld said (and in the year 2003): "The information to the propaganda, the Psyops, are consumed by the American public and vice versa." It is expected, from "the manipulation of thought" the enemy, to attack the enemy's communication networks. The priority is "to fight Internet", and prepare for a virtual war. The Defense Department should develop a center for that purpose. "We must improve our ability to electromagnetic attack and communication networks. To dominate in a combat information center, it is increasingly important that our forces dominate the electromagnetic spectrum (My note: this includes radio frequencies) with the ability to attack.

"" They made great efforts to characterize potential adversary hearing, and in particular, those with the power to decide and priorities. If there is no analysis of these efforts will not be possible to launch the themes and messages of PSYOPS, so as to be effective to modify the behavior of the adversary, "" PSYOPS messages will often disseminated by the media communication to wider audiences, including the American public. "Now, what is ours, say, the FM communications policy must be aimed at linking events to the municipality and these with the world, so that the local events and happenings explaining the world in different ways.