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Spanish Capital

The sultana madrid has the charm and flavor coming from the Arab cuisine in budding. We say that budding because this path shows an interesting role that has a very striking home, and that has prolonged the good name of this local restaurant in the capital. It is true that for many years the cuisine of the Middle East, a part of it, cool. Recall that for many years Spain had to endure the Arabic domain and something of the traditions of this people has been in the way of thinking, the architecture, some words that are typical of the Arabic language as random and sill, and of course the food itself. It is a site that has a unique bombast, which does not allow enjoying multiple sensations. More information is housed here: Eva Andersson-Dubin.

These feelings run amid the letters dishes, go through the language of Diners, certainly awaken the senses in a very special way and excite. Because the kitchen of La Sultana seeks to be an emotional experience that manifests itself. Mouths eager smile and tasted of good care, a well prepared meal. Mouths who want to recommend to others as well and the tasty that you pass on this special site and always succeed in appointing the benefits. The uniqueness of the restaurant makes it stand out to this restaurant signature within his own. Because a restaurant that offers food Arabic than another, because there are differences is not the same obvious in what regards the decoration of the space as such, the form of care and other paraphernalia that of course provide us with a great experience in itself. Because the site is so, and aims to have a special connection, some intimate way, with what with what the palate dreams since he begins to imagine a dish.

Supposedly this good dinner, good food is. Within this cluster of great possibilities, obviously to the charm of this local signature very well in first intention what is expected of him in terms of approval. Structuring that allows you somehow find front with a varied reality. On the one hand, the settlement of the Spanish cuisine that you of course want to leave its mark on all the conformation of this scenario so important to eat and enjoy a lot. Thus, it is logical that give care and formality typical basic structures that make us choose this option of Arab food that no doubt has become traditional. So then operates the charm of La Sultana, a charm which by the way has become important because there is much support to continue with the dream of the palate so to speak. It is not something that is in the corner of an easy way, but it is something that is worthwhile. It is something that has achieved a tremendous structure around the good offices of the Bureau to educate us.