Porcelain Figure Exhibition

Berta Hummel Museum massing: retrospective massing (tvo). By April 2010, the Berta Hummel Museum in massing showing a retrospective of the nun of Berta Hummel became known mainly through their porcelain figurines. The complexity of the artist remained a long time on the track behind the lovely healing world of children months. Only in the last few years the public with the more underrated other Hummel began”. She left an extensive oeuvre, many of them from a monastic time of her art studies in Munich, as they still with Berta Hummel”signed: landscape and flower watercolors in magnificently illuminated Luziditat, detailed street scenes, nude drawings of masterful, powerful portraits and hard-hitting cartoons. The exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the birth of the artist approaches her from the biographical page. Accompanied by numerous documents and photographs the retrospective spans the range from the crayon pictures of a happy childhood to the last delicate drawing, shortly before the death of Berta Hummel was created.

Old Hummel figurines as well as Hummel dolls are displayed at the entrance of the Museum. They represent a small part of the world’s largest collection of Hummel figurines, which is also in the possession of the Museum in the Hummelhaus. Information: Berta Hummel Museum, Berta Hummel Strasse 2, 84323 massing, Tel. 08724/9602-50, fax 08724/9602-99,,.

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