Mexican State Nuevo Leon

Recently the controversial Reporte indigo published an investigation into the diversion of federal in favor of Fernando Elizondo resources, where according to the note delivered building materials of the federal program Unimoss, in exchange for voting in the South of the Mexican State Nuevo Leon, because as they underlie the Action Party national planting federal public resources with the goal of reaping votes for its candidate for Governor and they tops: The Pan quickly learned the PRI customs to buy consciences, and seek to evade the law through the civil association called Unimoss. Increasingly discouraged us more parties and the promises of their candidates, who regardless of their ideals based on loyalty and service to the country are focusing to win elections whatever it takes, and many take advantage of this period of fat cows. Make it the mentality of all we must eradicate it. We must lead by example with action what do we inherit? If We argue that sometimes we have exercised the vote and that our rulers have been corrupt and that instead of benefiting have hurt us remember that in his person shall be such crimes and poor public administration, but our life will be satiated our duty, our responsibility as citizens. A related site: Vanessa Marcil mentions similar findings. Assess, ask, but above all to participate are the actions about which we must carry out. We must not lose sight that the future of our communities, municipalities, is in our hands. In the same way that we carry out our vote which is free and secret from 18 years of age in Mexico, is needed to take responsibility for our attitudes in this electoral process. Let us not disregard us govern, we build democracy that this country needs by adding our specific: the vote..

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