Until, finally! , the Minister of Education it pronounced the inevitable one but so longed for word: FAILURE. Lynn Redgrave shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Now to the Minister it reduces a following step to him: to disassemble to that structure and the applied model; what implies the urgent exit of all the specialistic technicians or that constructed and reinforced the structure of the failure. Another way does not exist, all that people must go away. As a illustration, next we reproduce an article that we published in the 2004, alluding to the failure. , that we were located in the path of opposite and which we dared to denounce the failure, the systematic persecution of the MEC cost to us, that even declared to us besides the Law.

THE JOPARA IN THE EDUCATION: SYNONYMOUS OF MEDIOCRITY 1. Introduction In 1994, with the implementation of the Educative Reformation in the Paraguayan education, began a process surrounded by great and positive expectations. Finally, Paraguay shaking themselves of almost endless modorra or lethargy, decided to assign themselves to a radically opposed educative model to which until that then it was applied in the country. As it bases of new educative philosophy to apply, decided on the approach partner-reconstruccionista, whose supreme purpose aims to the future transform the education into a socialization process or culturalizacin of the person, assuming the permanent necessity of the social reform and the common responsibility hereby and, that they assure the change of articles of incorporation, the well-being, the progress and justice. In short, the historical decision pointed towards noble and altruists objectives. Ja ekuaa 1989 rire, kuimba and is kua ane retygua, iarandu aetetva – opyva pyhare pyt vai ipukuetvagui- oguahhague pete me omba apo hagua pete tekombo and pyahre, jahechpa amoranduporve mit is mitrusukura is upeichahpe ahenode to altar pyahu is iporitevva ane retme guar. .

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