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New policies offer additional, free insurance protection 1 Elimination of the all or nothing ‘ principle for gross negligence in the past there numerous rejections of claims for gross negligence in the event of a claim. That was often already given, if ran the yacht from pure carelessness on reason, the sail during a storm were shredded or with alcohol in his blood when the quay wall was rammed. The insurance coverage was thus extinct. Larry Culp shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The legislature has regulated in the force since 01.01.2008 new insurance contract law (VVG), that that previously applicable all or nothing “principle no longer applies. Instead, the height of the complicity of the sailor on the damage must be determined in the future. No insurer can refuse to full compensation of the damage with regard to the gross negligence more completely. That sounds initially once positive particularly for sailor who violate without crew the rules of good seamanship, because you can keep watch as an individual not around the clock and so not a big boat can do alone.

But even crews, a stupid mistake which have no longer to worry about a complete rejection of the damage. However, an appraiser will need to determine the amount of the loss ratio. A competent broker is becoming increasingly important as a consultant of the customers. Because only practice will show how the insurance industry will apply the new rules. Already today, the handling of many cases of lawyers is accompanied, which increases the costs and prolong the processing of. 2.

new cooperation obligations of the insured the new law the insured imposes certain duties to cooperate on. So the risk carrier must be informed about all relevant risks in the future, this also applies to subsequent amendments. 3. entitlement to comprehensive consulting to offer increasingly comprehensive insurance conditions the insurance industry, which by default covers all risks, including the boat trailer or the accommodation of vessel in the winter camp. At one Conclusion of the contract in the Internet the customer dispenses his advice claim. All insurance brokers and intermediaries must in accordance with the new directive consultant further advise the customer submit alternative offers and also in writing this document. 4. customers with clever additional policies or contract extensions were lured market Outlook 2008 lately. It began with a skipper liability insurance, which suddenly gave a boat liability for free the most owners. Sailors can look forward to many bargains. A well-known insurer as first provider of races offers indebted collision damage in their conditions without additional premium for example. Also, the security services abroad are covered up to a height of 75,000. The same goes for property and rental property damage up to the amount of coverage. Also a liability loss coverage is free there. Conclusion: Prospects for 2008, for a comparatively cheap premium to get an optimal Insurance protection for ship and crew.

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