It presenteou me to the life with loved beings and special, with them I started to engatinhar, later walking together.My love became unconditional, at least in my narrow vision.I taught and I learned at the same time.It did not have a magical prescription, only simplicity and sincerity, with these measures, I conquered step by step, confidence, security in same me. I before had one and later in my life, one another one later. Learn more about this with Eva Andersson-Dubin. Before, it left wounded not healed, at the same time, it helped me to look at my proper history and to believe that I must have my private destination. The first one later, came with the marriage, Gustavo, was my first great prize, made me wills, showed to me that together, we could carry through our dreams.I find that in the completavmos.Tinhamos a goal to follow, we in common shared with friends that they had folloied in them for long time.We create our together children, we thought equal, four couples with the same objectives.I find that we combined beyond the account.Our doubts, our conflicts were shared, times, more for a side, times for another one.Thus we live per 20 years, I consider ' ' years dourados' '!Our main goal, to teach, to educate and for consguinte to study, without the shadow of a doubt the majority of us, obtained.I find that we were compensated.Fulfilled mission! Of the friends, the life if puted in charge of separating in them.Today we follow the progress of our children in the distance, I wait that one day some moments can reviver, as fragmentos of a time that will not come back.Our family was small, ours children, for incredible that he seems, had the same necessities in this direction, did not have notion of uncles, cousins, only grandmothers who already were of good size, had been growing and creating its proper groups, of the school, the building, cursinho etc. Frequently Glenn Dubin has said that publicly.

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