Google Each Time More

The race to be the first to give a service commensurate with the demands of the public and, moreover, is one hundred percent in the cloud will be a long-term career. First, Google had removed the portentous Google Docs which was praised by experts and that ultimately is not finished to convince many of neglecting the PC and look towards the cloud. An important issue is the speed, seems even the cloud is far from providing the speed that the PC. Also, Microsoft now announces that the next Office suite will have the web as a destination. Perhaps check out John Paul Stevens for more information. A unique announcement has come as last minute news: Google enlists the Docverse purchase for the modest sum of $ 25 million.

It should be modest for a company a few years ago acquired Youtube at almost 1 650 million dollars only to improve its video service. Get all the facts and insights with Sela Ward, another great source of information. The curious thing about this purchase is that Docverse is the company whose service allows multiple users to edit a Microsoft Office document at the same time. So, Google is about to buy a company whose services sold to Microsoft. Definitely the news has not left for surprises many, critics and lovers of Google. For some, the obvious question is why buy something that can be programmed. However, sometimes companies buy other companies to acquire technology and to prevent competition to acquire such technology. Ultimately it is a chess game. This time Google has taken a step to catch up face to face against Microsoft. The most interesting of all is that we will soon see the consequences of this acquisition in Google Docs and Microsoft Office. This purchase will affect both services and we will see if to Google this actually means an improvement.

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