GmbH Lisa Neumann

Surfing is no longer a problem today without borders tickets directly from the bus to reserve and buy, thanks to Internet-enabled phones. Who anywhere would like to take advantage of its smartphones without any restrictions, should choose an appropriate flat rate. See Tony Parker for more details and insights. The consumer portal gives tips on the various offers. Normal mobile rates are not suitable for the use of the Internet in most cases because the old volume rates be expensive for the user. Therefore provider offer now due to the new models of mobile flat rates. This is available either as pure Internet option or a combination to the surfing and phone calls.

Customers can choose according to their respective needs month tariffs or temporary use. Who uses the Internet function on his cell phone only in certain situations, is well served by a daily rate. A flat rate for high volumes of data is, however, suitable for frequent surfers. The cheapest package is available for less than ten euros, is equivalent to but not always the wishes of the Customers. It is only conditionally suitable for viewing videos, for example, because after reaching a certain amount of data through a reduced transmission speed but there are limits of the promised freedom of surfing. Alternatives are for example more expensive flat rate Aldi talk or, providing up to a volume of 5 gigabytes high transfer rates.

In the selection of the provider, consumer should note the duration of the flat-rate contracts. Here are the packages from one month to two years. Who would like to use the flat rate abroad, should inform himself precisely in advance about the tariffs, to do not fall into the trap of the cost to. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

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