They are educated people is insufficient to be a prophet in his land are people democratasa a nacidas not bear to live in systems governed by other principles or lack of them, are human beings who seek to improve their lives and their loved ones , are displaced from our century, the new exiles and victims of global disorder. It is one thing or another or all at once. The truth is that the phenomenon of the century are most feared and desired in some cases paradoxically. There are more than 9% of the population in Europe, about 15% in North America and 16% in Oceania. They bring their wisdom to the West, their labor, youth, diversity, consumption tax and contribution.

His contribution to the economies of recipient countries widely studied and proven. Are largely taken up by states or companies looking for labor, doctors, engineers, computer technicians and other categories formed through the efforts of their countrymen in their countries of origin. It is called hunting brains, and people who fail to satisfy the expectations set by their seductoresa are returned to their places of origin with consequent defeat for themselves and their community of origen.a We forget too easily that the person who risks his life beyond their borders in search of better employment status not only exposes itself but to the community that contributed to its formation and putting their hopes in him. Why so many people from migration, before returning with a failure to their places of origin, left the life of one form or another, as if carried by the wind.

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