Dr. Geke & Associates Enhances HR Intelligence

Through acquisition of business demography & human resources planning the H factor GmbH Dr. Geke & Associates demographics & HR planning assumes the Division to May 24, 2008″and integrates it in the consulting area HR intelligence. In this context, is Manager at DG & A Udo Kiel and is responsible for the HRnetics. This area opens up all issues within the framework of dynamic human resources planning and the demographics company management. Dr.

Geke & Associates has identified as a future important advice the advice area of HR intelligence. “The acquisition strengthens the position of Dr. Geke & Associates consulting firm in the consulting field personnel planning, demographic management and organizational change fitness ‘. I am very with Udo Kiel to have one of the Germany’s leading heads for strategic personnel planning and demographics management on board. Through its more than ten years expertise in this area, the development of numerous studies and implementation of projects he is to a major support of DG & A HRnetics consulting approach to the dynamic human resources planning”, so Dr. Geke, Managing Director of DG & A. In the context of this acquisition, DG & A strengthens also its portfolio of software solutions for the simulation of scenarios for the quantitative and qualitative personnel planning.

The two software solutions HCscore + and HCscore2 are completely taken over by DG & A and used in consulting projects under the brand name HRdynasim. About Dr. Geke & Associates (DG & A) Dr. Geke & Associates, one of the leading management consulting for HR business consulting with headquarters in Dusseldorf has 35 consultants. Dr. Geke & Associates has the HR as a business in the business”consulting and advises companies on improving the efficiency, effectiveness and the value proposition of your personnel areas in the company. Dr. Geke & Associates clients are national and international companies in the broad middle classes to corporations. Consulting services are in the three business areas of HR business excellence, talent Lifecycle management, HR intelligence provided. H factor, the H factor GmbH is a specialist consultancy in the area of demographic change and human resources planning management. Company H-factor, under the leadership of Udo Kiel in particular in the steel and steel middle sector is active since more than 6 years. “Central European and German research projects as well as various studies, for example the extra financial research of WestLB on the theme demo discography & human capital underestimated risk for competitiveness” Udo Kiel was involved. The H-factor customers include well-known companies such as E.g. the Salzgitter AG.

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