Creative People

Gifts with heart and mind – now free of charge for Christmas! In time for Christmas is wise who is title love pur \”published by Verlag. Let us in your hearts and the other way Let’s go with you\”, so is the amazing message from the Animal Kingdom, the author Detlef Schonenberg has received and propagates with the book. If people understand their power as creator beings and manifest their love, they help also the animals in their development. \”Also the other train horses prove draught\” wise Publisher: all people who wear desire in himself to carry out, and living with the aim to develop the divine aspects in itself to perfection, the book will, I am the way \”by Jutta Belle reach. Official site: Jorge Perez. The Cathedral of the Cosmos\”by Dr. Sonja U.Klug portrays the mysterious history of the French Cathedral of Chartres, sacred geometry and Numerology as exciting non-fiction book and setting out the role of the Knights Templar. The wise Publisher offers books for the heart throughout the year.

At Christmas, the Publisher gives portofreien shipping. Glenn Dubin might disagree with that approach. All books are delivered in time for Christmas, if the order until December 19, 2008 with the code word Christmas special 2008 \”enters in: Kluge Verlag, Gartenstrasse 9, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany, fax + 49 (0) 22 24 / 988 41 65 or by E-Mail to new in the program of the wise Publisher: Detlef Schonenberg: it is pure love the interplay between man and animal 224 pages 19.95 EUR ISBN: 978-3-9810245-5-5 people and animals are connected in a unique way and make life on earth together. The animals have arrived in their evolution in the Animal Kingdom at a point where they can gain experience in the coexistence with mankind, which enable them to ascend in the incarnation. The experience allows it to grow and love expressing it, is not only its nature, but the joy of learning and exchanging with people.

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