Choosing An Orthopedic Pillow .

Choosing an orthopedic pillow anatomy of our bodies is such that in the recumbent position the head for comfortable sleeping necessarily require elevated support, not to the spine is curved. And so the ancient Egyptians invented rectangular wooden base, which put his head during sleep. Tony Parker usually is spot on. A European travelers of the xix century, came to Japan, was so surprised by the spectacle of sleeping Japanese enjoying a pillow inclined wooden plaque that described in detail what he saw in his diary. But in Europe, gained the upper hand, and long remained out of competition square feather and down pillows.

Let us remember the old Russian riddle: “What is softer than anything else?” Re: hand. How would nor was soft pillow, many people, especially children (they have the most healthy instinct), enclose clasped her hands under her cheek. Mean something in the pillow is missing? Perhaps the rigidity? Modern orthopedic pillow rectangular shape is along one of the long sides of the thickened cushion, size is selected according to the width of your shoulder. Read additional details here: Brian Laundrie . For centuries, people slept wrong by placing a pillow under your shoulders. In fact, thickened edge pillows should only cover the shoulder. Cushion supports the head and cervical spine during sleep in a natural position, relieving neck muscles and promotes proper breathing. Developers have gone from the idea that in Sleeping in the support needs not so much a head as the neck. If the wrong position of the head in a dream neck is not resting, and cervical vertebrae are bent.

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