Celebrate New Year

Well, again coming New Year holidays! You listen to gay chirping of their married friends: "I want to give her husband a nice little tie with doves and synochku sew their own hands bunny suit!" or 'I do not know how to surprise her husband on the festive table, we've decided that we would welcome a holiday in the circle of our little family! " It's obviously in your head pops up a problem: where and with whom to celebrate the new year. Prince on a white iron horse this year you did not find, but from flock or flocks of fans no one comes to the role of a man with whom you will take the fight Kremlin Chimes, guessing cherished desire, holding his hand. But let's consider the options: Option 1. (Classic) Of course, among married friends can find the one that collects a party at home. Well, that you were there waiting. Clearly be present even couples with the children, scurrying everywhere, a couple of bachelors, who know that you're not married, and age (a gift from girlfriend); your girlfriend, too, the remaining ones Basically, if you meet a circle of old friends will be fun and interesting, chances are that someone you love. But perhaps, as often happens, the wife will be jealous of their husbands, which are fairly take too much, will offer services patron. And every woman is not very nice to see couples tenderness at the time of his, though temporary, of loneliness. Frankly, I'm fairly critical attitude towards such holiday, although a few friends they found the second half.

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