What are the words that I need to talk to a cell of my body? Or Atom, to a pore or perhaps the blood that runs through my veins? You can not grab any of them and talk to them hoping that they understand a language, words that try to explain something. You can’t take the energy that surrounds the body and try to talk to her, however, those things exist even though they have their own language, so it is the heart that does not depend on a language because he is autonomous, is able to think, decide and choose at your leisure, in addition to being able to communicate at all levels without much difficulty. I love you, it’s the only thing that you could tell because I don’t have the ability to describe or write, much less translating that told my heart, this screaming so loud and so strong, this I can understand, but that I can not express in words because the language of love, from the heart, is not intended to be read nor much less to be communicated by the mindwhy my mind doesn’t understand it you can not translate it into words, and therefore the true words of the heart can not be distorted because nobody can convey in words what is only made to be felt and lived through emotions, what we call feeling. I have no idea how you can come to feel so much, and I don’t know if somehow he can show you everything there within my heart, but let me start by saying that I love because it is the only phrase that equals in intensity what I feel for you. Behind an I love you so much, does not reach me the time nor the space to express everything that I wanted to but I know you will understand the most important thing.

There are so many wonders that I do feel and live, there are so many moments of joy and enthusiasm. Every beat of my heart bears your name. It’s late and I must dismiss me for today, but I do very excited because I know tomorrow you will write again to tell you that I’ve dreamed of you, or you maybe write later to tell you that I spent it with you in mind all that time. Oh my love! My eternal expected love! I will ask the stars take me to you tonight, do not want to spend even a second further away. I love you, just I love you my darling.

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