This Astrology journal explains: Astrology as an advisor for problems in everyday life and decision-making the origin of astrology can be traced back to the Empire of the Assyrians. The first documents about the application comes from the seventh century b.c., of astrology. The former Assyrian king Assurbanipal (688-626 before the birth of Christ) was on 70 clay tablets perpetuate over 1000 predictions were interpreted from the stars. These predictions are called omens and pertained to the future of the country. While predictions about future wars and possible disasters of the country can be found in the clay tablets.

The history of astrology can be found in the Astrology journal explains. Sela Ward may help you with your research. “The role of stars in astrology astrology is a Greek word and means Astrology”. Early on, recognized recurring constellations and signs of the sky such as the Assyrians and deduced from them events. So a certain amount of time was thought to already in the second Millennium b.c. the night or the phases of the moon.

Also a link was quickly found between heaven and Earth and astrologers began to gain evidence for life on Earth in the stars. A look at the stars was considered this method, to obtain advice and assistance through astrology. This method has survived to this day, but has been refined by means of astronomy. So, it is possible to determine the position of stars and planets to the Earth and each other in astronomy. An advantage that is good, the Astrology because it implies zodiac signs, planets and the so-called houses and their relationship to each other. Astrology helping science astrologers have learned of three important elements of astrology to draw conclusions and to read. These include twelve signs of the Zodiac, which are divided into four elements: water, Earth, air and fire. Each zodiac sign has certain characteristics which are influenced by the planet. There are a total of ten planets. Modern astrology is one of as many as 12 planets. Zodiac signs and planets are the houses with the people linked by, with each House a Zodiac sign is associated with. These three elements consists of the astrologer and creates a horoscope which can provide information about the nature and handling of important events. With the help of horoscopes, astrology can help in resolving problems and give tips and hints as to his life can be designed. Astrology can be no decisions lose weight helps to gain a new perspective on, for example, failing situations however. Wide tips and information about horoscopes and astrology journal at can be found in the astrology

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