Agriculture Agronomy

People have always had the need to eat, to which for a long time in the history of man only resorted to the consumption of animal protein, so the man depended purely to the presence of animals in areas where they live, so both had times of plenty and times of scarcity in which the lack of food was unbearable, so the man could see that not always meet their nutritional needs with the flesh, had to seek other means of obtaining food, thus agriculture began to generate a great opportunity to obtain food more easily based on the work of man n the ground. So with the emergence of agriculture in human life greatly improved living conditions, which also generated a new activity in the life of man.

Speaking of Agriculture are referring to the endless benefits of the art of cultivating the land, through various studies which will provide certain treatments to land and so to generate the vegetable cultivation will supply many of the people’s food needs. Agriculture is part of the agricultural sector, which derives all economic activities generated from the operation of the activity of agriculture through the various work done on the ground and generate resources from such activity, which can give both naturally or through human intervention. Among the resources that can be given by means of agriculture are: cereals, fruits, vegetables, grasses and a host of other vegetables. When defining the content of agriculture, we can say that such activity encompasses the various human actions that seek to modify an environment or natural environment, with the idea of making it more suitable field so they can be best achieved of the streaks.

The development of agriculture not only means of obtaining food, it is also one of the means of obtaining the most important economic resources, as such activity is not can develop around the world due to different soil conditions around the planet, so agriculture acts both as a means to meet the needs of food and equally, to the need for other people to obtain certain food, raises the possibility of generating a profit. It is so important property of the generation of financial resources from agriculture, many countries in the world holds their economies on the basis of this activity, either as a domestic product or an imported product. As you can understand agriculture plays an important role in the development of people’s lives, as it creates foods that are consumed every day and it is a good means of economic production.

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