Actindo Integrated Invoice

BillSAFE is available to all Actindo users open invoices can for users of Actindo GmbH, one of the leading ERP systems in the German e-commerce, the future of the past. The Actindo GmbH from now a new, fully integrated interface for the invoice through the established provider of BillSAFE, a subsidiary of eBay subsidiary PayPal presents its users. BillSAFE its dealers via a factoring solution guarantees a reliable liquidity planning. In addition, the company excellent occasions by the motoring press assumes the entire risk and customer management. A related site: Sela Ward mentions similar findings. In addition, dealers can benefit above all by the high popularity of the payment account for the consumers.

A higher conversion, larger shopping carts, as well as a stronger customer loyalty are just a few of the positive side effects. The new, provided by Actindo, interface ensures a yet automatisiertere handling and ultimate convenience: all relevant steps in the ordering process, such as invoice creation, sending messages, returns, payments and credits are passed automatically from Actindo to BillSAFE. BillSAFE Managing Director Dr. Alexander Ey to the new cooperation: Actindo is for me one of the most comfortable ERP systems for mid-market of e-commerce. This is also our target group. For this reason I look forward to future collaboration and am convinced that we, and especially our customers greatly benefit from this partnership. ” Address: BillSAFE GmbH white wide 5 D-49084 Osnabruck of responsible press contact: wife Daliah Salzmann phone: 0541-860-349-3 fax: 0541-860-349-4 about BillSAFE GmbH BillSAFE, a company formed in the vicinity of Osnabruck of mediafinanz AG offers both the seller and the buyer complete security in the online payment processing. Sensitive account or credit card data of the customer will not purchase winding more needed. At the same time, the seller receives full protection of non-payment. Since October 2010, BillSAFE is a subsidiary of eBay subsidiary PayPal.

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