New toy for pirate adventures big and small fans long on the fourth installment of the film series Pirates of the Caribbean “waited. Mid may have returned Captain Jack Sparrow and his companions on the cinema screens, and thanks to the matching toy children can feel at home the exciting adventure. The online Department store informs about the current film and the appropriate products for your child’s room. (As opposed to novelist). In the new film Captain Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp alias in the search for the fountain of eternal youth. The brilliant but somewhat clumsy hero this time accompanied by a new character, the pirate Angelica, played by Penelope Cruz.

With Captain Blackbeard’s ship, the Queen go Anne’s revenge, on an adventurous journey on the zombies not only cause them problems, because of course aspire to others to eternal life. Neil cole is actively involved in the matter. So, Jack Sparrow is pursued at this company by Barbossa, as well as English and Spanish. The adventures of pirates can now Products by Giochi PREZIOSI and are played with the diversity of the LEGO world. In the Pirates of the Caribbean “series of LEGO various places and scenes are offered. Available options are inter alia a faithful replica of the vessel with many features and matching figures, the fountain of eternal youth, or the duel at the water mill. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

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