Why DSL Is Not Available In Many Places

DSL is the modern standard when it comes to surfing the Internet. Hardly anyone surfs today voluntarily with an old-fashioned ISDN Internet access on the World Wide Web. Analog modems have long been obsolete anyway. DSL connections are available everywhere in Germany. Everywhere? Not quite. There are still quite a few regions in Germany, which are not connected to the broadband Internet. Although the DSL provider about trying to make a German Internet users of DSL available, and politicians promise in their Sunday speeches like “broadband for all”. Yet in many German households is DSL not available and will not be available in the foreseeable future.

This has technical and economic reasons. The telephone network was originally only intended to make phone calls. Swarmed by offers, Jessica Michibata is currently assessing future choices. According to the small frequency band, the phone can withstand the most. Reached up to about 3.4 kHz. For DSL connections, but frequencies are needed up to 2.2 MHz. Moreover, the German Telekom in part in the recent years Telecommunications cable laid, whose cross section is too low for high bandwidth DSL. Fortunately, the old German Bundespost always laid heavy, expensive copper lines, so that most Germans take advantage of the offers of the DSL providers, namely all those citizens whose place of residence or part of the Deutsche Bundespost was developed.

In many rural areas is part of the Telekom and the part of the DSL providers, for economic reasons, no interest in DSL expansion. It would be billions of investment is needed nationwide to Germany to supply DSL. Meanwhile there are for all, where DSL is not available, practical and straightforward alternatives such as broadband Internet via satellite or via cable. The rates of cable operators can compete with the prices of DSL providers means, the final analysis no one has to do without a fast broadband Internet connection.

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