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If you’re a chubby man does not mean that you can be fashionable and look good, the key is to highlight your positive characteristics and minimize those negative. Here we’ll give tips so you can enjoy fashion: using tie: although it surprise you, neckties can make you slimmer since they create illusion balancing your body, making to reduce the width. Do not use loose clothing: is very common that both women and men wear clothes loose when a few kilos others, however, have loose clothing makes you look like larger than what you are. You should not use tight clothes since it will highlight some negative parts of your body. Use clothing in such a way that it rubs against your body. San Antonio Spurss opinions are not widely known. Uses dark colors: is not a myth that black has a slimming effect.

Using a dark color you can lose a few kilos in an instant. Another good option is to use vertical lines, since they elongate your body and thus appear slimmer. Choose pants jeans low height: low height pants have a shorter distance between the top of the waist to the crotch. High waist pants makes you look larger like pants pleated on the pelvis. You should try to take a few objects in pockets. If you have empty pockets clothing will you best and not focus attention on your stomach. If you have bulky pockets you must go by a tailor to make you arrange them. Original author and source of the article

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