Time Management And Administration

There are many excuses, complaints say management leaders, managers, upon which time they can not afford to play their roles to enable them to carry out their plans and achieve its objectives, all causes them stress, tension and is often projected organizational behavior trachea has led to a negative organizational climate. Neighbor Joseph tells us, to bear in mind, for time itself is not manageable, is a category of knowledge as E. says Kant, and its structure is the same for all, years, months, weeks, days, hours, etc. .. so that all have the same resource under the same conditions, the difference is in how we organize ourselves to make the most and the best results, the actions we take in that time from analyzing this reality, it happens that the great Most managers do not know how to administer, manage their time, neglecting the trachea Sergio Valdivia reminds us when to forget refierea aspects considered significant, as slab to five that we know brings a: a 1A to have a clear determination towards the goal: a To achieve greater efficiency need of a great purpose. That goal revives all the processes we perform. Perhaps there are two great days in the life: day one is born and the day we discover why he was born.

Discovering our mission in life, there is the passion to do it, focus efforts and commitments to it are defined. The result is a more efficient time management. people who use time wisely spend it on activities that lead to his overall purpose in life.

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