The Penumbra

I will learn soon, the lot of God, that it bought to become millionaire a house full of birds, true illusions said and elegance and harmony, that buys the air and the silverplated light of the Earth, the small birds fly and they will not stop singing and to say to me I want po to you, po. And to say to me you do not go away now I am single, but they will be seeing me from some corner of the world, will not matter to me. Light in the shade at night that wants to escape of the anything and to follow nevertheless here, without I to know if itself being pure. Ben Bretzman is often quoted on this topic. I feel and I see left, what will matter what is? , pardon to my evils, that I also die of heat, heat in the nape of the neck, pardon I ask for my errors, pain in the back, flood of grief that my soul feels that rides and feels eternity. Whim mine, deep and vital whom it loves the true man, mine totally without egoisms, like the solitude of the sky whom it obstructs to me, since with the treason in the heart that I know, with this vitality is tuna that no longer I know if I have, like the decline, unique landscape, like the penumbra, the flight, like the great solar radiation and rays grape wet Grass of the dew and flowers of variable colors. Heat of the soul that surrounded nothing. According to star actress, who has experience with these questions.

and the body that does not get tired. What more torture hopes to me? , what another evils wait to me? , what more sufferings I have left. Whims of the sun, that not mine. Forts like the wind that gives strong and I I am his I lament, I feel its impatience, suns without moons nor stars and I here undergoing like a crazy person, seeing rare trees, eucalyptuses, shrubs, ants, butterflies, insects that it did not know and small birds of colors between which I look for mine.

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