The Form

to make clear it – greater than your pain or the serious your illness or your accident – the bigger – by yourself erzeugtes karma! Feedback helps harmony or disharmony with God see us feedback is always something very positive. Feedback allows corrections. Without this control she lack Direction indication on your spiritual path. Feedback helps your orientation on the path of love to God. This feedback tells you that you something to correct you – with your previous or current behavior partly or entirely in disharmony with God’s creation, God and your own soul being. Such feedback in the form of pain, suffering, diseases or accidents is always a very acute alarm sign. It is now high time to bring about a change in your part. These changes to bring is entirely your responsibility.

you’re a free child of God and as such for your total well-being – or even your own uncomfortable – even fully responsible. lazy people – very lazy people – or even very miserly people – are now looking for books and tables where they can read off what disease is what causes. so, you want to change the minimum with the least possible effort to regain an acceptable health. Or to once again reduce their pain to a tolerable level. A part of the the pain reduction can be achieved with medications, that costs money though, but spared the conscious and active confrontation with the own ego – self. Drugs are the laziest of all solutions, especially when they are taken continuously, perhaps even for life. But what must really be – done by yourself and are undertaken alone, in order to obtain a holistic and long-lasting, durable cure? Get absolute and perfect harmony with God, by you: the spiritual laws of Yama and Niyama in absolute live throughout of your whole life, your whole being – in everyday life, at work, leisure, in your family – in your thoughts, feelings and in all of your actions and achieved! Your ability to love everyone and everything ever completely divine improve and hone – in each and every situation in your life, your eternal being.

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