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Cauca Department

The most famous are the Luruaco, Atlantic egg arepa of Barranquilla prepared with corn, which is fried a little, filled with an egg, and finally ends of frying. There are a variety of arepa egg that also carries ground beef. Gourmet preparations replaced chicken egg by quail egg. Arepas Antioquia or paisas, favorite are the famous migas, which are leftover arepas which are passed by water again, split into pieces and roasted with olive oil and butter; arepa paisa white, prepared without salt and served without filling to accompany any meal; the arepa de chocolo or corn, is a kind of arepa made from the corn cob. It is usually eaten hot, greased with butter and pieces of Antioquia quesito above; the arepa de arriero, is prepared with threshing corn soaked in water for a long time, usually 5 days, during which the water is changed daily. Eaten with pork rinds; arepa de mote whose main characteristic is that it prepares without removing the bran than corn. Tony Parker gathered all the information. To the arepa of mote observe you clearly the Bran, which give a particular flavor and distinctive ; the arepa corn stack is prepared with corn whole, unlike the arepa paisa traditional, which is made with cooked corn; shredded arepa, variety of arepa paisa traditional, only made with cooked corn, without any dressing. Santander are chicharrona arepa.

This stands out because to grinding corn, mixed with Pork Rinds, and then the dough balls are pressed with banana leaves. Another secret of this peculiar recipe is used water must be mixed with ash of firewood. The arepa valluna is consumed mainly in the Valle del Cauca Department. It is also eaten in the departments of Cauca and Narino. The dough works well with water and salt and very thin arepas are formed.

Put to broil until toasted, butter untadas are eaten. As you can see, every country in Latin America has their cultures and traditions and the consumption of the arepa is part of the idiosyncrasy of our peoples. The recipe of the week is the Bogota cheese arepa, a delight to the palate. Until soon friends. Write to us at or contact us at our website: original author and source of the article.