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Madrid, 02/06/1909. Implement their own theories. Learn more about this with Eva Andersson-Dubin. That’s what I will do from now Luis Huete, an expert in coaching, having chosen BipVirtual () as its provider of online meeting solutions. “Since my methodology is to teach and preach how to increase efficiency in organizations, I did not miss the opportunity BipVirtual offered me,” said Huete. And is that the author of best sellers, IESE Business School professor, advisor to senior management and event speaker, could not resist choosing the technology in place by BipVirtual. A choice that Susana Perez-Anton, Director of Business Development BipVirtual welcomes with satisfaction.

“Having a client to a personality like Luis Huete fills us with pride. No one better than he, who in his books, lectures and seminars bid to improve the effectiveness of companies to check the benefits of online meetings BipVirtual “he explains. Given the agenda of this expert, organizing meetings and telephone interactive with your colleagues and your team you will be a substantial saving of time and money. “Virtualization solutions implemented by WebEx online meetings BipVirtual are tangible from the outset and that prevent companies have financial resources to invest in hotels or plane tickets, as well as something even more precious: time,” says Susan. “Two benefits given the running times of crisis rather than being well accepted by those who use them.” BipVirtual solutions that are aimed Luis Huete used to: – cost savings. “With meetings, training and online events avoided losing hours in travel and reducing travel and accommodation expenses. Companies do not have to spend money to gather his employees or customers at the same point, “says Perez-Anton. – The effectiveness of their meetings.

“We connect people in a direct and agile. Connect employees, suppliers, customers …. geographically dispersed throughout the world to work sharing documents online, audio and video from their own computers-without leaving their jobs, or even travel-finding. ” – The reconciliation. “Working in this way has a direct impact on a better reconciliation of professional and personal lives of users,” concludes Perez-Anton. Who is BipVirtual (Izo System) is the company belonging to the Group and partner IZO SYSTEM Cisco Webex which, based on Webex technology, implements and develops virtualization solutions, high-impact projects that create more efficient processes. To do this, BipVirtual has a team of consultants specialized in Spain and Portugal in the implementation of these technologies to reduce implementation time, increase the benefit of the solution and manage change in organizations.