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If You

You really willing to give up half his life for the money, now get? . Anything is not enough time, but work did not really have time to work and if the trip takes 10-12 hours a day, live-when? Need else cook, eat, bathe, get out of the house. And sleep at last! In this scheme, in principle, no time for themselves, for their own interests, its passions. Even at close and dear people is not enough.

Work is not interesting, or just tired If You do not have to make money, would you go to your current job? That’s right, fools do not. Your work does not bring happiness. Or is it just too much to receive from this pleasure. . You do not know what you would like do not work like that, but unless you can live as something else? You do not know what it really would be able to bring you joy every day.

What we say about the “favorite business.” They say there are people who find their “Vocation” and making money, enjoying the work. But it’s not about you. 5. You do not like to work “on my uncle, but alternatives do not constantly feel of a superior, vpahivat to a stranger, earning him the money – you like it? Hardly. But what can you do about it? Where to go? Your business open? Scary, yes, and knowledge is not sufficient. 6. Monotonous life every day you are familiar? Dull gloomy morning, shaking in transport, work, a short lunch, work again, again shaking in transport, short evening (cook dinner, do things, watch TV), and sleep.