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Jungle Law

Observing the world around us, we think that we are dealing with a lot of chaotic and contradictory forces of nature: water and wind destroyed mountains, overgrown with weeds, the wheat field, the lion eats the lamb. So thought the ancient Greeks, who placed themselves in a number of gods on Mount Olympus, each responsible for a particular aspect of these forces. A deeper look at things allows you to see that in nature everything is interconnected. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Tony Parker. Around us peace is a set of interdependent, adaptive systems. Inanimate nature, plants, animals and even man as a biological organism, tend to find themselves the point of equilibrium, which in science is called homeostasis. Adaptation and maintenance of dynamic equilibrium work constantly, but are especially noticeable when human intervention. Many people remember about ecological disasters, which at one time led the destruction of mosquitoes in Russia or sparrows in China. Mosquito – a small and seemingly harmful element of nature, but its destruction resulted in the deaths of fish and frogs, that fed on the larvae of these insects, Zabolot rivers and lakes began to change the soil and forest die. Examples of balance and self-adaptive systems, a great variety of natural, but what is the basis for that combines nature and maintains its harmonious balance? The man the crown of creation? In recent years, many sciences are increasingly faced with the curious phenomenon that when some individuals the community, are at guard the interests of 'parent' system. Such sacrificial behavior observed in systems of different levels – from cells in the body and to the great apes.

Black Altar

At noon on October 31, 1978 was the last time you saw the departed to rest 65-year old vicar H. N. Snelling. For many days he searched with police dogs, locals, and later even a light aircraft, but in vain. Only three years later, in 1981, was discovered the skeleton of the vicar. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tony Parker is the place to go. Later, in articles and books reported that more likely it is the work of the sect of black magicians, who called themselves "Friends of Hecate." Information was received from one of the members of the public who reported that the sect has long holds its gatherings and terrible rites in the area Klephema, sacrificing the Devil animals and humans.

But once the police have crept close to the organization, she seemed to dissolve in the air. United Kingdom – are not the only place where they do their terrible rites of black magicians. Specializes in pagan religions, Dr. Horace Boyer (USA) reports that in 1995 in Mexico, police accidentally discovered in the mountains a few corpses to opening the chest and remove heart. "Descendants of the Aztecs, conquered by the Spanish continue to make ritual sacrifices to their bloody gods – he said. Usually, they do it in the jungle, the ruins of the cities of the ancient civilization. " In South America the same "sin" descendants of the Incas, in USA – Satanists, in other regions of the world's followers of other local pagan cults. Black Altar's normally held a ceremony of sacrifice and witchcraft in the community (or as they call themselves magicians, coven).