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Action – the best thing that can happen to your photos! Berod 02.10.2009 – often parents are at a loss, if your kids tell what they have seen in the kindergarten. Many parents therefore do not know what progress the children and what she can do it all. We want to help that parents remember to participate and thus better appreciate the work of the educators. From this reason we organize at the start of the new year of kindergarten an action titled little Heroes”and support 100 kindergartens with a premium membership. Additional information at Jorge Perez supports this article. As a platform for the private and secure exchange of photos, particularly to suitable to give a vivid insight into the valuable work of the educators and parents. So, parents can experience with what is happening in the kindergarten and it assured that the images in the predefined circle. is a workload that allows more transparency for the parents and thus also more recognition of work, providing the educators. is giving away 100 Premium memberships on kindergartens in the value from 118,80 EUR each. (Not to be confused with Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City!). To participate simply with Wally in the kindergarten make the silhouette of Wally the mascot of, print and a beautiful photo. Then send the photo to and received a one-year membership in the value from 118,80 EUR for the kindergarten. The template for a silhouette of Wally is there for download under: deadline is the December 31, 2009 (the legal recourse is excluded.) Test 14 days for free and see for yourself! – the best thing that can happen to your photos! Maria Christina Baker

Foreign Affairs

Merkel remembers it and put, even though the discussion at Opel had arrived. Repair but bears no fruit. Opel comment: they play a one-two, as both argue for the same direction and against the questioner. A wake-up call for Steinmeier seems to be, which will then be more aggressive. The donations received by black and yellow attracts management salaries Steinmeier, that comes up to 3 million from banks etc. This is a kind of insinuation. People such as Tony Parker would likely agree. “Merkel reacted to cool: that’s a bold statement, we should be careful.” Topic nuclear Merkel is careful, described nuclear power as a bridging technology.

Steinmeier, however, clear and well prepared such as ACEs, Gorleben argues with examples, and warns against turning back the route proposed for 8 years. This is decided. Merkel on the issue of social justice plays Merkel her East-Nimbus. People in the East would however like to work…Your reference to is also good Arcandor seller who fears for their job. Health Merkel: “I believe that many people have worried.” Pretends to understand to be oriented to the people the people. Real-estate developer describes an additional similar source. And not only here! “Afghanistan Steinmeier to the date of the withdrawal of 2013: Mr. Clapper, that’s not fair.” And then operated with its competence clarification.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is his metier. As Foreign Minister, I know my responsibility.” Argues against the Afghanistan from the left (Lafontaine and Gysi), not against Merkel. 2.uberzeugungskraft speaking style (objectively/emotionally) Steinmeier he easily attacked, is rather unemotional. It’s a little tear. He works at the beginning and again he seems easily irritated: I had you just “Steinmeier used good pictures as:” wage spiral downward “and supports them with logical reasoning. 21:30, the first directly to the theme of growth attack Steinmeier Frau Merkel and is emotional. Merkel has a capacity for enthusiasm, is self-confident and Ambassador of their own Ideas. Glibly it has their statements despite interruptions of journalists ready.

National Executive Committee

Koran-burning, Muhammad cartoons, Sarrazin and Steinbach – about one? In Florida, wants to (or wanted to, depending on the message) an evangelical pastor in Koran expenditure burn, the Danish Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, meanwhile, received a media award in Potsdam. Thilo Sarrazin leaves the Bundesbank “voluntarily” and Erika Steinbach resigns from the National Executive Committee of the CDU. Above all belonging to these events together? Have we seen the week of freedom of expression? Or its opposite? Koran-burning, Muhammad cartoons, Sarrazin and Steinbach – about one? To interpret the submissions of the Chancellor, the thing is (almost) clear: Koran burns are not covered by the freedom of speech, Muhammad cartoons are a beacon of freedom and the moral courage. Sarrazin’s statements not fall again under the protection of free expression, Steinbach positions somehow already, but actually not. The Bild-Zeitung is as consistent, there is everything really OK and laments a vacuum on the political right, which is in turn TAZ somehow against everything. What now? Freedom of expression: A problematic discourse of the suspicion arises that the discourse in the name of freedom of expression, in which the events are negotiated, presents at least two problems.

In the political sphere, as in the intellectual or less intellectual discourse concepts such as freedom of expression and freedom of religion are one thing in particular: argumentative ammunition to strengthen its own position. How one argues against someone who can successfully claim these noble words for themselves? But not enough to distract a such – often quite sensible – “meta discourse” of the particular problems of individual cases. A calm coat on most transparently is placed in a sense. Different problems individually consider how but see, considered itself the really problematic aspects of the four events? Now, the influence of the evangelical right in the United States is immense and while skilled but soft response from President Obama on the Announcement of the Koran Burns speaks volumes – the mid-term elections are approaching and the Republicans succeed in the polls. At the award ceremony on westergaard, were two senior presenters with Merkel and Gauck, you must wonder whether otherwise think of the ‘West’ for an obviously intended demonstration of the strength of the own “values” as the work of cartoonists. Thilo Sarrazin’s tarnished in turn far more the absolutely necessary integration debate with his primary organic Logis MUS as worn. And Erika Steinbach? Now, their opinion in 1939 “the Poland first mobile had. Since we can no longer help Andreas Kellner…

In India

Such as used ur water will never reach this first quality condition (Entropy)! In India will be commercialized by Coke water sources and there are only Coke for the locals to drink. oil, coal, and gas etc through disposable irretrievably lost. Sun, wind and water we can continuously (in theory) use free of charge. A newly planted tree to achieve the quality of his predecessor. We improve bio diversity through cultivation and domestication.

Hard facts (money and goods) are reduced by use. Soft facts (love and knowledge) multiply by use. Clan societies consider loan such as land. We set real estate prices, tax it and inherit from them. Who owns a tree on the property? Earlier, people moved there, where they found adequate living conditions.

Militarists and colonists moved country borders on Africa cards with the ruler and ignored the natural boundaries of life until today -! At a extinction rate of two per day the two existing ad millennia would suffice (nominal) almost! Biodiversity or biological diversity means the variability among living organisms from all backgrounds, including agriculture, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological in accordance with the Convention on biological diversity (CBD) Complex, to which they belong. This includes diversity within species (species diversity), between species and the diversity of ecosystems. Refers to all aspects of diversity in the living world. Biodiversity is a livelihood for the human welfare, why is its preservation of particular interest. Source:, extract to the lucky UN Jurists in international law treaties go out today from the conservation of biodiversity as an end in itself (such as? instead of whether?)! Levels of bio diversity (diversity of life): genes and individuals (the Atomic). Family, species, populations: All the individuals of a species in an area. Species, species (un corporeal): 1.850.000 species, 800,000 species, at least 100,000,000 worldwide! Living bacterial cells: 5 x 10 high 30 ( stars in our Milky Way Galaxy) varieties (un inspired), biomes: climax vegetation type the three domains of life: bacteria: heat lovers dosing rays, Archaea: heat lovers, Salt lovers, Eukarya dosing alkali: Plants, animals, fungi, algae, flagellate, low protists if you accept the hierarchical numbering (1-4) in the two previous lists, then they are still somewhat away from the active nature conservation (Heterarchie instead of hierarchy).