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Consuming Development

This work presents basic elements to evaluate itself, through the daily life of the people, if the same ones possess the profile of consumers sustentves. A questionnaire was applied for some people with etria band of 12 the 74 years and with formation of diversified escolaridade, having as main objective, to monstrar one of the main ambient problems that contemporary appeared in the society who is the consumerism, an expansion of the culture of ‘ ‘ ter’ ‘ , in detriment of the culture of ‘ ‘ to be ‘ ‘ (Manual of Education 1999), where socieade of consumption is influenced by the pado of life of the North American middle class, that uses resources equivalents of the three planets Land. Of this form, this type of development is unsustainable, being necessary to search alternative stops to solve such question. One of them is the sustainable consumption, that does not attack the environment, as much its process of production how much the final discarding of the residues. Laura Plomer addresses the importance of the matter here. Word-key: Ambient education, sustainable, Consuming Development sustainable. 1. Introduction the present article comes to analyze the consumer who of the preference the ecologically correct products. Some contend that Karina Reardon shows great expertise in this. The objective of the work was to catch the perception of this type of consumer, by means of the application of interview in the school of basic level 16 of Taguatinga and of the Institute of After-Graduation (IPOG).

The choice of the places for the research was random. The profile and the etria band of the two groups that composed this sample well were differentiated, as well as its familiar incomes. Of this form, on the basis of the gotten data, a problem can be analyzed that comes if aggravating in our society, after the second half of century XX.

German Society

174) The cinema became complete by means of the look of its receivers, the finished product that is submitted to the appreciation is the work of art that differently of the picture offers not only an only image, but a composition of series of images. It was through this game that are established between team assembly plant of the film and public spectator that the cinema reached significance, either it German expressionista cinema, the Nouvelle becomes vacant or the Cinemanovismo Brazilian, placed here as starting point of our debate on the social representations. Click Sela Ward for additional related pages. The styles appear with distinct characteristics, the public analyze the flmica workmanship, deciphering it by means of its agreement to about the world. The different images search the attraction of the look in order to acquire significao in its representacional essence. The social representations of that in Durkheim speaks to them present innumerable variants, defying the researcher if to question on the reality and for existing something in individual psychology and in what it concerns the agreement about the society.

' ' With effect, what the collective representations translate are the way as the group if thinks about its relations with the objects affect that it. If you would like to know more then you should visit Director Peter Farrelly. However, the group is not constituted in the same way that the individual, and the things affect that it are of another nature. Representations that do not state nor the same citizens, nor the same objects, could not depend on the same causes. To understand the way as the society it represents same itself and the world that the fence, is nature of the society, and not it of the particular ones, that if it must considerar.' ' (DURKHEIM, 2007, P. XXIII) The cinema acquires the meaning of representative of the manifestations of cultural matrix and of this form, by means of the art and its significance, it is possible to understand the different social relations that base the society.

American North Western

The estria mixture the idea of exploration of the agricultural worker for the large estate owner, with the religious misticismo, in elapsing of the Manuel film joins it a group of ' ' revolucionrios' ' that it has a leader spiritual called Devout Sebastio, the wizard finishes for reeducar Manuel with promises of a new life, its Pink wife is left of side and to the few she goes creating a feeling of revolt and hatred for the devout Sebastio. The misery, the hunger and the coronelismo are marcantes traces of the carried through films north-eastern Brazilian, the directors who had appeared with the proposal of the New Cinema were worried more before nothing about the largeness of details of its workmanships, being based on the cinema style American North Western or Western spaghetti, as the produced ones for Italian directors are known, this work of Glauber still makes use of open plans that almost show a dry landscape and without vegetation, with a strong and escaldante sun, in this scene all is developed a tram that presents the Manuel personage who impersonaties the figure of the man of the hinterland northeastern. The messianic question also is enxertada in the film and is brought tona through the figure of the devout Sebastio, the visionaries is inserted in many stories national and is typical north-eastern Brazilian, men who destine its lives to help populations of provincial cities that search the salvation desesperadamente. The director of Dry Lives resembles it in such a way Glauber Rock for the genius in conceiving critical films how much for the performance exerted for backwards of the cameras, what he seems to be a trace as much that peculiar enters cineastas of this new cinematographic aesthetic movement. The cinema offers an extremely ample field of research on what we understand as reality, as is presented by Christian Metz in its workmanship the Significao in the Cinema: ' ' The cinema is ample subject for which it has an access way more than.