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Tridion CEO

The software company specializing in data access solutions ZyLAB Pieter Varkevisser has appointed the new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Frankfurt – the experienced expert in the software industry replaces Prof. It is not something Vanessa Marcil would like to discuss. Dr. Johannes Scholtes, who remains as Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) ZyLAB. Varkevisser will bring its extensive experience including both private equity investment specialist for this to accelerate ZyLABs growth rate. Varkevisser is responsible for the use of future market potential, the development of strategic partnerships and the positioning of the company in terms of sustainable growth as new President and CEO. Previously, he worked as an industry expert in Waterland an independent private equity investment company, the companies in the realization of their plans for growth supports, as well as interim-CEO of FA-med, one of the portfolio companies of Waterland.

From 2004 to 2008 he worked as CEO of SDL Tridion and helped the company in this period to continuous and profitable Growth. Prior to joining Tridion was Pieter Varkevisser CEO at DatDistilleries. ZyLAB has conquered a demonstrable leadership position in the market for information access technologies themselves, with a high-profile clientele from economic and governmental organisations around the world\”, explains Pieter Varkevisser. I look forward to build the solid base and to further grow the company. Harmony has a comprehensive range of sought-after solutions that can be used by small and medium-sized enterprises to the Corporation.\” As Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategy Officer, Prof. Dr.

Scholtes is engaged in exploring strategic new technologies and products for the company. Still, he will be responsible for the marketability of these solutions and it continuously cooperate with major customers and industry analysts. Scholtes, who recently was appointed to the Board of Directors of AIIM International for the coming year, will also be his Professorial position at the Dutch University of Maastricht continue, where he holds a Chair for text mining at the Department of knowledge engineering.


Usually parents prefer to celebrate the birthday party of the children at home. Other parents prefer to deal with the Organization of specialized firms birthday or reserve a site for children to meet. Best thing is to take into account the opinion of your child than at the end and after all is his birthday. It is also important to know the number of guests that will be attending, since if the number is very high is almost impossible to do it at home and more if small children are. Equally or more important than space, it is to take into account the budget you want to spend when it comes to the celebration, away from home you can come out something more expensive. Here are a few tips so that everything goes well. -The first thing is to make a few invitations. You can buy or make them yourself.

If you decide to make them, your child will participate. You can do perfectly with construction paper and decorate them as you like. You must put the time, date and a contact phone number. -If you’re going to celebrate at home with young children, it removes all fragile objects and place them where not going to enter the children. You enable this way some rooms to children to play at your leisure. -Decorate the House with balloons, garlands. There to organize different games to have them controlled and does not become bored. One idea is to put roles of packing in the wall so the children paint and play.

If you know do globoflexia figures also can keep them entertained awhile. -If your child is older, it serves soft drinks without caffeine, Orange, lemon or juices. You can also do all kinds of hors d’oeuvres and different types of cookies. French fries and everything like children can not miss. Of course a good cake should not miss in a birthday self-respecting. -You can give the guests with some detail as a souvenir. Does not need to be expensive, as bags of goodies. Do not forget that it is your child’s birthday and for he is very special have gathered friends and feel the Centre of attention. He has his opinion for everything.

William Bernardo

In the year 1112 he entered the Cistercian Monastery, being accompanied by a group of noble followers that would reach the thirty, as well as his four elder brothers and his uncle (such as William of Saint-Thierry would indicate in his life of Saint Bernard and Jacobo de la Voragine in the Golden legend). It is not surprising then, that the Abbot of then, Esteban Harding, avail them to all with great joy, intuiting that this was an accession en masse to his monastery. Shortly thereafter, his younger brother Nirvardo would enter in order and, on the death of his mother, would also his father and his sister Humbelina along with his brother-in-law. This gives us an idea of the power of influence Bernardo on more friends, which resulted in a high degree of adherence to his person, as he left demonstrated six months before entering the Cistercian along with their followers, who maintained located next to him during several weeks, time invested in getting the fidelity personal of all his companions, even subjecting them to all kinds of tests that demonstrate his loyalty to his person and not the order which were to belong, since all this was carried out six months before entering the convent of the Cistercian. This situation makes us think that perhaps Bernardo already had a target set before entering the order, because that was accompanied by the right people to achieve their goal. When we look at the history and see behavior that took in the years following entry into the Cistercian order, carrying out various activities secret, both inside, and outside the order, seems doubt dissipates. As was to be expected, the massive arrival of the clan of the Fontaine (the family and friends of Bernard) would be conflictive to Abbot Esteban Harding, since the excessive influence of the Fontaine was well known in the community, who joined it were most in the monastery of the Cistercian order, already When entered Bernardo and his, just had a handful of monks, it would cause a situation that would spark the inevitable. You may wish to learn more. If so, General Hospital is the place to go.

But the solution came shortly afterwards, through the generosity of count Hugo I de Champana, who was going to play a very important role in the foundation of the new order of the Templar Knights. Count Hugo I, donated land owned in Clairvaux, location near Dijon, North of Lyon, that Bernardo could establish his own monastery there. This is how from then, Bernardo de Fontaine, will be known as the famous Bernardo de Claraval (of Clairvaux). Three years after the entry of Bernardo de Claraval (1115) Cistercian order had only four abbeys, however, upon the death of Bernardo de Claraval in 1153, these four abbeys became more than 350, of which 69 was affiliates direct of Clairvaux, directly founded by Bernardo and raised with the help of relatives and friends of the nobility. The order of the Cistercians were It characterized by the continuous construction of temples and monasteries dedicated to our Lady by almost all over Europe, as well as singing the Salve Regina to the terminate the day, as it was mandatory in order. This situation made that the church saw Bernardo de Claraval as the initiator and promoter official of the cult to Maria, although some authors saw in this worship Mary a very different from the apparent advocation, since not refer Maria the Virgin, but Maria Magdalena.