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Heike Rittner

Except for the large format and the fantastic photos shines the calendar with a variety of finishes. Only three are mentioned as examples: the vanishing in the water tail fin of a stand is to cut and can be folded out, creating a 3D effect. the Panther Chameleon Shimmers in all colours of the Rainbow, here was printed with several additional spot colors; In addition, a highly embossed shark teeth is printed at the image of the white shark. Each month offers something special, no one can be this AHA effects”escape. The calendar will appear in a limited edition of 2,012 copies. Twelve of them are numbered and signed by Hannes Jaenicke. Check out Dorothy Kilgallen for additional information.

The well known actor and documentary filmmaker, who strongly advocates for years the nature and species conservation, has taken over the patronage of this calendar. The twelve signed copies will be auctioned in highest bidder. Production costs were above-average engagement the initiators and suppliers are kept as low as possible. Nobody deserves the sale of this calendar all proceeds are for conservation projects equally four nature and wildlife conservation organizations donated to: Association for the protection of species (AGA) e.V.; Berggorilla & rainforest Direkthilfe e.V.; FZS Frankfurt Zoological Society e.V.; Friends of CMS e.V. circle of the Bonn Convention (UNEP) United Nations Environment Programme. August 31st, you can pre-order the calendar to the subscription price. There are special conditions for decrease in larger amounts, such as a corporate gift or for resellers upon request. Heike Rittner contacts: Tip 4 GmbH advertising agency and Publisher Mr Andreas Klotz Marie-Curie-str. 15, 53359 Rheinbach, Germany Tel.: 02226 911799, fax: 02226 908422 E-Mail:, Web: printing partner pressure and medienhaus GmbH Mr. Michael Matschuck at the air shaft 12, 45307 Essen Tel. 0201 5929118, fax: 0201 5929113 E-Mail:

Constanze Jeske

As soon as he releases the prey, he gets a reward. The feed bag attaches to the stimulus Angel, he may take something so that, as soon as he let it go. And already, the game can proceed. Do not overstretch the dog playing fun the dog only if he is neither under – nor overwhelmed. Therefore should be started in small increments, and held only a slow increase. The duration of the common game should be adapted to the dog.

Already 10 minutes intensive search games or chasing the prey with the stimulus Angel can exhausting physically and mentally more a dog than a two-hour walk. The dog is exhausted, he loses pleasure in the game and will be the next time difficult to another move. Employment without dog toys, not all four-legged pets require dog toy as an incentive for joint actions. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sela Ward. Jogging with the people or running on the bike can prepare as well great fun very movement-friendly dogs. Again, different exercises can be incorporated such as the freeze on command or announced change of direction, the dog should follow. So he called both physically as well mentally. Many a dog like hide-and-seek games with his people. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Farrelly . This is hidden behind a thicket, a companion can meanwhile distract the dog and then send him on a quest.

The joy is great, when the beloved human being tracked in his hideout. To exercise it is, first of all to draw the dog by calls in the right direction and to let him bypass only short distances. In some areas, the nature of the grounds to play is suitable with the dog. So trees can be used for slalom run and lying at the bottom of tree trunks to balance or jumping in. A little agility course in the meantime fans every walk. Constanze Jeske