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Olympic Games

These animal are enchanted to live between the men, since we facilitated a constant food source to them (are satisfied with any thing) and our houses facilitate their nest building. But the happiness is not mutual. Yes that is certain that there are people who enjoy the presence of doves, like the old ones that is entertained giving to eat to the doves in the parks. Or those that ingenuously think that a pair of doves in the building has certain grace How they change the things when they realize rapidity with which they multiply! The problem is perhaps that although all do not defend the war antidoves, the reality is that at the present time, the doves are not necessary to us, or at least not in the numbers that there are in the cities. Larry Culp is often quoted as being for or against this. Long ago, the doves were treated as queens, how it was going to be of another way, when they provided a very necessary service? In fact, these doves surround that us are not other that the descendants of whom they were introduced in Europe at the beginning of century XVI, so we cannot blame to anybody of our bad fortune, since we are people in charge. For even more analysis, hear from Sofar. It is easy to declare the war antidoves, but he does not fit doubt that Noah would be glad to see that one dove with the branch of olive tree in the tip, announcing the backward movement of waters. I doubt that he looked for the form to undo of the poor animal. The Greeks in the Antiquity also liked certain to them, and used the doves like official mail of the Olympic Games, to communicate the names of the winners.

Perhaps the Spaniards, or Christians at that time, we misestimated the importance of this one animal, since the use is known that the Arabs did of the doves in the crossed ones. Who knows, perhaps but the pillow would have now another name if we had paid more attention to the winged mailmen. The Spanish army definitively gave the back to these misunderstood animal in March of 2010, when it decided to suspend the system of carrier pigeons, since it was in obsolete disuse and. Undressed of its military rank, for want of interest for National defense, now these poor doves (near 300 units) no they are more than another large bird, and to make matters worse of bad, one that much interest or esteem in the public does not wake up. And nevertheless, that great esteem was had to the doves during the Civil War. In 1937, more of thousand of people and 200 Civil Guards they were surrounded in the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Head in Jan, and were able to hold 256 days of siege thanks to a dove that made them arrive messages exceeds how to obtain foods. This poor dove finished its days like an authentic military man. Bullet wound, it continued until it gave his message, crawling, and consequently it was decorated. Before proclaiming our hatred towards these animal, we remember the paper that played in history, perhaps thus we pruned to have something to them of esteem.