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Boston Tea Party

And maybe you will find more original layout of the ship, assembled by local craftsmen in the pot-bellied vessel? Whatever kind of layout you select, the romance of traveling and greatness of the historical plume, of course, will conquer the heart of your head. You will not believe, but the "Mayflower" and help you out when choosing a gift for your favorite! The fact that the name of the ship means hawthorn, flowering branch which, in its turn, is a symbol of the state. In the present bring your favorite scarf or shawl of the finest silk, hand painted blooming "May flowers". This elegant accessory will make any clothes refined and elegant and pleasing the most demanding female taste. Sure, this thing will be pleased and your half, making it even more irresistible and charming. Name the state capital, Boston, instantly brings to mind familiar with school the phrase "Boston Tea Party." About this event reminds the American Revolution is located in the town-ship museum.

And your best friend friends will refresh the memories of the long-standing historical fact with good tea caddy in the original made in the form of this ship. Metal caddy will long remain one of the main decorations kitchen of your friend, and the tea you'll certainly taste the whole friendly company. And to leave your friend a more intimate memories of Massachusetts, except for tea to give him a T-shirt with the symbols of the most famous team in Massachusetts Red Sox. This team is not winning the world championship since 1918, year is still fondly love the fans and praised the creators of the series "Lost." Now she's become famous for your friend.

Five Myths About Switzerland

Perceptions of Switzerland tied the set cliche: awesome chocolate, watches, men in funny hats, waving flags and singing yodel, gnomes of Zurich, the bureaucrats of the international level and all that jazz. But Harry Lime in the movie "The Third Man" big mistake when he said that over 500 years of its history, Switzerland did not think of anything more serious than the cuckoo clock. First, the cuckoo clock was not invented Swiss and Germans. Secondly, Switzerland received more Nobel Prizes and registered more patents per person than any other nation on earth. And, although the muesli and life insurance – not much of a reason to legend, think how many people on the planet Today they are used? Myth One: Switzerland – dear country. Of course, not cheap.

But over the last few years, the movement of exchange rates were so favorable that today, tourists can get money for their national 10-20% of Swiss francs more than ever before. Many travel agencies offer attractive package deals. Besides, why should necessarily be put in the most touristic places? In Switzerland, it is quite possible to find a hotel for 60 chf or well dine for 10 chf. And in addition to a lot of fun things that are almost or completely free of charge. 10 fun things in Switzerland can be done free of charge or for a nominal fee to swim at the boat down the river Aare in Bern Feel like a movie star and take a walk on the wild in the Bernese Oberland Lucerne walk in and listen to street musicians (of course, they will appreciate a small tip) Visit Swiss Historical Museum (Schweizerisches Landesmuseum) Zurich and learn more about Swiss history buy homemade ice cream in the Swiss-Italian town of Lugano, sitting on the shore of the lake, watching people stroll under palm trees Namyt gold in some turbulent flow in the Swiss mountains in winter to take the sleigh and move down the hill Feel yourself a prince or princess in a youth hostel Altenburg, a former castle taste wines at the vineyards in the canton of Vaud ride bike along Lake Constance Myth Two: Swiss banks harbored shadow capital.