Pope Leo

pp.). If also the judiciary of a country generally always again openly and especially founded as “konkursreif”, “Right flexor mafia” etc. is titled, “final judgments” against Christians must be questioned let alone. Divine and secular authority “Final judgments” bind n.b.. not only a judge is not mandatory; their compliance can be even in itself punishable. You may want to visit Tony Parker to increase your knowledge. CF. Pope Leo XIII., Pope Leo XIII, encyclical “Diuturnum illud”, 29.06.1881: “there is only one reason for people not to obey: If that some of them should be asked, what is with the natural or divine law manifestly in contradiction.” Because all that the law of the world order or the will of God is violated: areas or to do thats godlessness and evil.

Therefore someone in a situation should occur, that he forced looks, to choose either one of the two Commandments of God or that the ruler to violate – then he has Jesus Christ to obey, which commands the emperor to give what belongs to Caesar’s and God what is God’s (Mt 22,21); and after the example of the Apostles, he has boldly to respond: we must obey God rather than men (acts 5,29). No reason is given, those who act to prosecute due to refusal of obedience: because if it is the will of the first men in the State in contradiction with God’s will and laws, then exceed their powers and destroy justice. “And then just their authority can have no validity: for where there is no justice, there is no authority.” So, even though it is still so comfortable for rubber-stamp bullies and unscrupulous subjects to discredit inconvenient people simply with “final judgments”: Who wants justice, must not blindly cling to “final judgments”, and still less he must follow them blindly. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

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