It bequeathed of Comte the practical one systemize the field of sciences; of Spencer it used to advantage the thesis of the conciliation between natural sciences and human beings, since as much the nature how much society would be conducted by the same evolution principle? therefore this consists of the increase of the differentiation (increasing heterogeneidade) of the natural and social organisms; of Le Play, the monographic method, what, without embargo, it allowed it to study a series of aspects to influence directly and indirectly in the conformation or transformation of a social phenomenon. In middle of century XIX, more necessarily in 21 of April of 1851, Slvio Romero in the sergipana city of Lizard was born, one of the intellectuals more notables of the last quarter of century XIX, whose lasting influence was seen in generations of intellectuals very moved away from its time. Critic, ensasta, folclorista, professor, politician and historian of Brazilian literature, were, with penalty in fist, a militant thinker. Its disappearance in 1914 would have been only the half one to make it to be silent, without preventing that, per all century XX and until the current days, its ideas reverberated in the seio of sciences human beings.

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