Not always, of course, but can occur. When that happens, your only linear life is divided into two different lives possible and simultaneous. Afterward may be other subdivisions, at the same time. Up to how many different lives can live simultaneously? I do not know. I believe that not many. But I do know that there are several.

And all effectively tend to live at the same time. Do you know that? Because I found it on another of my life, now I have told you. And I? You just do it, now, this slightly traumatic way. Others, you also know you? A few. I’m not very sure. But there are many ways to find out. For example, through the dream.

Through dreams, it is sometimes possible to transfer us to those other vital our planes. If you think about it, you’ll see that you’ve had strange dreams that match, which take place in similar scenarios, which are repeated a few constants. It’s snapshots of our other lives. We were in the car. Back to our home. The dashboard clock pointed out four and ten. Only fifty-five minutes had passed since that unlucky call. They had been too many emotions for having lived in less than an hour. Interestingly, the way back home was more enlightened than in the first leg. But my wife and I We were still soaked. And tired. After a quick shower, we went to bed, trying to recover both the lost energy, and I, at least, something emotional calm. I slept like never before. Without a single, dream on this life or any other. Upon waking the next day I remembered the events of that morning. Rather, the nightmares of that stormy night. I smiled to consider my capacity of autosuggestion. Think that I came to believe that everything experienced during the dream had been real! I hesitated if tell him or not to my wife, who slept peacefully beside me. I decided that I could amuse you Yes, history. I gave him a gentle and excited Kiss while he recounted the role had attributed you to the poor in my sleep expert in other lives! Neither more nor less! Go God! The touch of my lips had awakened to my wife, who rebullo in the bed to put aside, looking at me sweetly. He joined slightly looking me in the eyes. Before being able to tell you anything, she smiled and said to me: I imagine that it will have been very surprising for you you’ve heard what I have explained this evening. But, as I said, don’t worry what. I want you to know that it is you who I love in this current life. A lot. And gave me a long, deep, warm and passionate kiss. Original author and source of the article.

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