Old Republic

The difficulty of classroom organization, of the formation of representative associations and parties made of the authoritarian solution an attraction constante' '. 12 What dumb from the New State it is that the authoritarianism of Vargas, is not the authoritarianism of colonels of the Old Republic. We can say that it follows the aspects of the ideologies of the European totalitarismos. He has broken myself of the idea that the State would have to organize the society, or the society would have to be organized from the State, therefore it imagined that the society did not have conditions of if organizing without a strong State. ' ' The authoritarian chain did not bet in the party and yes in the Estado' '. 13 Even so the authoritarianism and the totalitarianism possessed distinct aspects, Vargas, as well as in regimes totalitarian knew to use itself the propaganda, as much to organize the coup d etat, how much to support it as to be able in the years that if had followed. As well as the fascism and nazism, the State of Vargas was a propagandist State. In Italy, according to Perry: ' ' The propaganda fascist inculcou habits of disciplines and obedience: ' Mussolini always has razo'.

' It believes! It obeys! It fights! '. The press, the cinema and the radio idealized the life under the fascism, leaving implicit that it eradicates the crime, the poverty, and the tensions sociais' '. 14 Regarding the propaganda, it in the government Vargas it served for ' ' glorificar' ' the figure of the president, as the proper State and the cult to the leader, this also was a mark of Vargas. On the social crimes and tensions, this in many times is silenced by the proper machine of the State. Social tensions are calmed, unions control the masses, that have many of its taken care of claims.

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