Nicolai Rimsky Korsakov

Igor Stravinsky, was born in Oraniembaum, Russia, on June 17, 1882. He died in New York on April 6, 1971. There are many that have been considered the great musician, Igor Stravinsky, is the Supreme composer of the last century. About his life, he has written fairly and said that an impersonator, was never since everything seems to indicate that you absorbed, with utmost eagerness, the influence of those who surrounded it; Thus commented that, perhaps, the largest and most successful of them, is the employer of the company of the Russian Ballet, as it was back then Sergio Diaghilev. Precisely with regard to the latter, has been written, that it was not an extraordinary creator in the strict sense of the word; However, Diaghilev, yes helped him to develop his musical talent.

When they met, yet Stravinsky was too young, and was under the teaching of his master Nicolai Rimsky Korsakov. We must also remember, that he had been initiated into music by his father, who was a baritone and favorite interpreter of the operas, as it was fantastic and great musician Peter Tschakowsky. All then seemed to indicate that yes he had influence of the generation of the previous musicians, thus, as since then, his teacher Alexander Scriabin and some French Impressionists, as Munoz points out in one of his writings. But how is the bird of fire, goal of our article born? Simply, by a request of Diaghilev. And where Stravinsky, began to write the score, in Petersburgo, during a winter of the year 1909, ending in May of the following year. There is the precedent that was executed for the first time on June 25, 1910 in the famous Paris Opera. So Stravinsky became famous overnight overnight. Is this beautiful ballet based in that? In one of the many Russian legends about the young Ivan Zarevich.

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