New Cell Phone Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is the next representative of the kind of music phones of the Finnish mobile phone maker. Not difficult to guess what name is given him not just as well in connection with the great development of musical functional. The form of the cabinet – the classic one-piece, the material used – a traditional plastic. Design of the model causes and Youth, which outlines clearly the target audience of buyers. Furthermore, the shape housing – not correct. The ends of the beveled in opposite directions. As a result, the model is allocated to the mobile phone market through a unique design.

Despite the fact that the device has turned the medium budget, but this does not obscure, On the contrary, catchy and bright. Cell Phone Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is available in three colors: green, red and blue. But in fact, virtually the entire case for all models – black, differ in color only side of the hull. The rear surface of the touch ribbed, rubberized plastic, so phone in your hand does not slide. Young audiences will provide a decent evaluation of such appearance. But the model Nokia 5220 is notable not only for its unique design.

As we have noted, this device extends the range of XpressMusic and like a real music phone has the appropriate functionality. A separate audio chip is responsible for quality music. Model 5220 has a fm radio and music player. There is a standard 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones or speakers. Music Player is controlled by separate keys that made on the left front face of the housing. Continue to review the Nokia 5220 features a description of the display. The phone is used TFT-screen with a resolution of 240×320 pixels. The display is 2 inches, he shows up to 262000 colors. The picture looks well, she is bright and contrast. In general, the display of special no complaints. The screen holds up to 3 service lines and nine lines of text. We now consider the other modules and functions that can boast this music center. No doubt, Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is not cheated and part of the photo. It has a two megapixel camera with cmos sensor, but without autofocus and flash. That, however, does not prevent the machine to do a very good photo shots for your level, taking into account the fact that rate in this model is certainly not on camera. The phone can make data exchange protocol Bluetooth 2.0 with edr, ability to work in a Wi-Fi network in the device is not provided. The internal memory is small – only 30 mb. But you can always insert a memory card, thus it is expanded. Mobile Phone Nokia 5220 uses external microSD memory card standard sizes up to 8 gb. In the apparatus used lithium-ion battery for maximum power. You dispose of entire 1020 mAh. This is enough to provide energy devices in standby mode up to 406 hours. And five and a half hours you can work out in the talk mode. But more importantly for music fans – the phone can play music twenty-four hours. As shown by practical tests, the Nokia 5220 mobile phone in the middle can work up to 4-5 days before the next recharge. It is quite a good indicator. In our online store offered affordable price of Nokia 5220 XpressMusic. With such a broad musical capabilities, the phone's price is justified. Moreover, in such a unique design.

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