Music Relationship

Attempting to accommodate a person as best as possible but that our behavior is never good enough, whatever you do. To realize that we are always those who make the effort to carry this relationship forward, and that when We stopped, the relationship is finished. Do everything to save a relationship, but the other person ends it abruptly. Try that others know about our point of view and that they do not case or deny truth or wisdom of what is being said. To deepen your understanding Tony Parker is the source. See that others who have not worked as hard as one have success and think that they don’t deserve the success they have had, that you shouldn’t have one. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jorge Perez.

Not obtain recognition for good work or capacity while that do recognize the work of others. Work hard and others are preventing us succeed or reach our goal. For someone whom you tried to please us to reject. Maintain an impossible relationship with someone where whether you do what they want as if you do, you get a negative result. Be humiliated or embarrassed by a person whose goal was to bring us down. Be constantly rejected, disapproved, not accepted, and abandoned by others. How to recognize it? What to do in this regard? Since then, becomes present through emotions, many times they lead to actions not positive and along us handicaps in our growth, hurting us, affecting us in our growth and even physical and psychic ills about it gives us, occurring when a person feels resentment toward a person or a group, some facts such as: pouting quietly in his presence or before the mention of his name. It feels bad when the music, a movie or a television show reminds you unpleasant interactions has had with them.

Talk about way mocking or degrading them. Having nightmares or unpleasant thoughts about them. See bloquieado in their efforts of personal growth without knowing why. Feel furious without apparent reason. Feel depressed, despondent, and find yes same going in circles when he tries to overcome these negative feelings. Avoid mentioning or discussing any issue that is related to their last anger or upset about these people. Tighten the teeth and smile when really you want to shout to hear of that person. Feign enthusiasm for being with that person when in fact prefers not knowing anything about it.

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