The visual perception can be developed with the possible textures of the representations that request perceptions of other human directions. Requesting visual sensations other types of sensations can (they must) be promoted: tteis, auditory, olfativas. Texture – When we observe the texture in the announcements advertising executives, we are considering to go beyond the questions related to the forms. We are reflecting on the impact of the tato in the comunicacional process, currently almost unexplored. The textures make possible to associate combinations of different ideas in the advertising: as cleanness, heat, the slightness, cold, coolness, smoothness. Beyond being an excellent complement for the other directions.

But, in if treating to the nourishing area, the vision still passes optimum to be felt to be conquered by the propagandas. This happens by means of stimulatons as combinations of colors, forms, materials and textures, when the public one starts to live deeply and to interact with the universe of the mark. It propitiates, thus, an emotional bond more effective e, more ahead, a bigger fidelizao to the mark. Methodology Of exploratrio character, this research has as focus two outdoors of two marks, that is, constitutes a case study. To carry through the analysis, a direct comment was necessary, with data-collecting and, a posterior one, description of the images. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Simon Pagenaud. In accordance with Martine Joly (1996), the studious appraised one of the semiologia, that cites Roland Barthes, all image communicates? it carries messages, and daily we are led to decipher these messages.

Then, the goal is to analyze the messages that the two marks wanted to pass to the public in billboard form. To understand any image, the people need a minimum effort of analysis and agreement, as much of its especificidade how much of messages that propagate. The analysis if presents for studying the ways as the images provoke significaes, that is, interpretations. In the images of the advertising, the signs are full and intentional, formed so that the public has one better reading.

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