Local Development Program

He further noted that “it is a blatant disregard that the study intended to circumscribe the impacts during the construction phase of Capitan Prat Province. They did not taking care of that affect the image of ‘nature that moves’ in the region and country, and the area of the Carretera Austral from Balmaceda to the south, considering the high traffic of buses with workers and machinery during the tourist season. Source: Jorge Perez. ” Said that discussion of these and other specific issues related to HidroAysen project should have been taken into account when organizing the seminar “because talking, conveniently for the company, only successful international experiences without their resources into the project and its potential impacts, or to what say the technical bodies, is an inconsistency. ” In this regard, he recalled that Sernatur presented a 13-page report that questioned several aspects of the EIA, which requires observations from conducting “studies and regional compensation, compared to the PHA will cause damage to the regional tourist image.” He also noted that “due to the reduction in the area of influence defined by the company, mitigation and compensation measures proposals for tourism are not in any way reflect the impact that could result. ” Finally Daniela Castro added that while it may be interesting to look at previous international experience, “is striking that HidroAysen not take into account the disastrous impact of dams on the Bio Bio river. Strangely this example, which is the closest to our cultural and environmental, is not considered in this seminar. ” Tourism Tortel the other hand, who was responsible for the Local Development Program of the Municipality of Tortel tourism in the area and coordinated their observations to the EIA, Claudia Torres, recalled that “in the environmental impact study indicates that the Basin Tortel of Baker to tourism but has concluded that tourism would be a poorly developed economy and represents a low contribution to the household economy. Under these conditions, no interest in talking to understand the complementarity between hydropower and tourism, if they consider this economic activity is irrelevant.

This is another inconsistency. Even more so considering that, for example, Tortel is the second most important. ” Claudia Torres indicated that such was the lack of information for proper and thorough analysis of the environmental impact study was made impossible the assessment of that property. “For example, it lacks a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the generation of employment and direct and indirect sales generated by tourism in the region and especially in communities that are on the stretch of the road network from Coyhaique to Villa O’Higgins considering the districts of Cochrane and Tortel “he said. “It would be interesting HidroAysen take care of these specific shortcomings in the project because” we can talk about compatibility, but until they have submitted a serious project and complete it is very little that you can make out, “he said. Finally, said another inconsistency is that HidroAysen incentives to engage in discussion on tourism regional considering that when the company failed to support a regional public consultation process on the dams in Aysen Pedro Vial, manager of Environment and Community Relations, explained the decision saying it was “prudent to remain independent of any activity that is beyond the direct field performance as electricity generation company, so as to respect, in his capacity as assessed through the regular channels of technical analysis and expertise of government services that are called upon to pronounce on it. ” “Will HidroAysen now extended the electric company turn productive development agency?

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