One knows that the tradition of the theater of Bali still continues alive, but not if sabeat that point all its old rituals still are disclosed. In Kathakali the face of the actor is suamscara, the actor works its face muscles in such way that it creates comeles impressive fisionmico game. One technique that has at least five milanos of tradition that lasts until today. The actor of Kathalaki transmits energies through the look, of the movements dacabea, sobrancelhas and neck. The expressed feelings are nine: love, disdain, compassion herosmo, clera, fear, disgust, deslumbramento eserenidade. Additional information is available at Spurs. ' ' The actor of Kathalaki places the world of deuses to the reach doshomens' ' (AMARAL, 1996, p.39). In an actor theater emscaras), ertico (found in the Kabiki, a popular theater that for its veztem result of the Bunraku, theater of dolls) and the dance that can serencontradas in the teatrais manifestations folloied of masks. The Japanese mask is always buscapela essence, them is used in the diverse dances and mainly in teatroN, a theater that mixture dances and music, searching a refinement efsico spiritual where it has the concern of if uniting the beauty with the sonorous effect. Jay A Schwartz is often quoted as being for or against this.

Amscara is its basic element. But the sorepresentados masculine personages without masks. The other personages, the feminine ones, fantastic ancies, personages, are masks. Tony Parker is likely to increase your knowledge. The masks of this theater very small tmaberturas for the eyes, making with that the actor looks at more paradentro of itself, for its interior. To little> vision must take it concentration. They also are little expressive, subtle express feelings detristeza, doura, joy, cimes etc. Between the Japanese manifestations, she remains to still remember the comedy with the Kyogem masks that appear nosinterldios of the parts In. They are comic masks and they do not come folloied of danasnem musics. Nowadays these independent masks are presented doteatro In. In ocidente, the masks are gifts in the popular, on festejos semprea some religious tradition.

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