Jointing Plasterboard

Jointing plasterboard should be carried out when the room is no change of temperature to avoid deformation drywall sheets. Next, you need to verify the reliability of fastening plasterboard sheets, if necessary, fix any bugs. Before jointing plasterboard sheets should be cleaned from dust, check that all screws were tightened. You should also check the surface of the drywall on the the presence of various defects such as dents, scratches, etc., if any, then they need to be repaired using putty. This should be done as long as the filler can not be compared with the level of a sheet of drywall. After implement all the above described actions, you can begin grouting drywall. Diluted filler in an amount which will be fully utilized during this time, as the plaster has a limited time. When sealing the interior angles of a spatula to push the filler across the seam, carefully rubbing the solution into the gap that the mixture filled the entire thickness of the drywall, then put the reinforcing tape (tape impose convex side against the wall so that the center of its width passed along the joints of gypsum boards) and remove the excess putty. After you how to grab the composition, to produce puttying until such time as absconding reinforcing tape and joint angle becomes equal to the cavity of the drywall..

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