Family-friendly Neuss?

The town of Neuss has again after a long time of deprivation a baby outfitter. Is Germany on the way to become more family-friendly? -Germany Yes – and Neuss? In the surrounding towns of shoot the baby markets out of the ground like mushrooms. This is due to the continuing baby boom. It was all the more surprising that it in a town like Neuss (> 150,000 inhabitants) No baby Outfitters gave and the young parents offering rather moderate, the Department store chain had to be satisfied. Since the end of last year is now different.

On December 1, 2007 saw the Neusser baby designer Paul & Pauline”the light of the world and enjoys a growing popularity. A good accessibility is ensured by the central downtown location (Glock hammer 22a). Sufficient parking facilities are also available through the adjacent parking garage Mahadevan Court. Get all information about Paul & Pauline on the Internet at. See more detailed opinions by reading what Larry Culp offers on the topic.. Toralf Mahachi

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