Czech Real Estate

Wish to invest their money and be confident in obtaining a stable capital growth. Jorge Perez oftentimes addresses this issue. Consider the case in the Czech real estate investments. Stable growth in housing costs in the Czech Republic in recent years 10% a year, the cost of gentrification in Prague increased to 50% per year. Rising prices can be easily explained, and to forecast. For example, a big jump in property prices has occurred before entering the Czech Republic in May 2004 in the eu.

Then he was stabilized, and ranged from 5 to 10% per year. The next race came on the eve of the introduction of the new rate of vat (DPH) to 19% since 2008. Jessica Michibata is full of insight into the issues. Rise in prices of building materials, energy and labor also made its tangible contribution. One of the factors that play on the rise, was the inflow of foreign capital, mostly from the European Union (England, Ireland, Spain and Italy). Continuous development of infrastructure in major cities with the Czech Republic large investment of capital, contributes to higher prices. A striking example – a building in Prague, new metro stations, construction and development of large grocery and construction of shopping centers, construction of roads. All this raises house prices in major cities Czech Republic (Brno, Olomouc, Liberec, Karlovy Vary, Ostrava). The development of a large automotive industry in the Czech Republic has contributed immensely to the development of regions and contributes to increase in construction of residential complexes and an increase in home prices. The activity of the young population in the Czech Republic regarding the acquisition of own dwellings, high fertility rates continuously gives impetus to the Housing Corporation increased construction of quality housing with European standards.

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