Connections With Other Games

Terranigma is part of a trilogy, Soul Blazer, Illusion of Time and Terranigma. Although it is a trilogy free, has some elements in common, a dog named Turbo, the presence of darkness and light and Gaia certain locations such as: “Mu” and “South Cape”. End of Illusion of Time suggests a modern world similar to Terranigma. About South Casper (solved): With these codes you can reach any part of the map, however there is no break. You can also visit the cities that were not visible on the map yet.
7E048B40 (walking on the surface) 7E048B64 (walking in the ocean)
Soul Blazer offers Terranigma elements similar to the resurrection of different worlds, Illusion of Time is also a combat system similar issues as the balance between light and darkness.

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