Compact Extractor With Preseparator

Fires in industrial dust collection systems prevent new – a compact Extractor with pre-separator cyclone and downstream spark separator. Often, there were already devastating fires in industrial dust collection systems. Therefore, the utmost care in the design of the plant safety has been applied when developing this aspirator. The shown here dust removal system was recently installed in a Velberter key plant. She will suck off the dust from sanding, including the spark associated, resulting in the production of key blanks, thanks to the pre-separator, sure. This cyclone pre-separator was equipped with a downstream spark separator as desired. A State of the art patron filter system with electronically controlled, pneumatic cleaning including differential pressure monitoring serves as a filtering device. To protect the operator, small reservoir were aware due to the high weight of the suction material selected. The flexibility of the company de bus in Velbert provides that any suction device in detail can be designed more individually and optimally. Interested in these extraction systems can request like information is via email). Debus

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